Private Sessions

Photo by Blake Horn
Photo by Blake Horn

When you meet with me privately we take our time to slow down, listen to what your body-mind is expressing, and offer interest to the whole of your being.  Your body is an endless resource for all the aspects of your life on this planet—emotional, relational, intellectual, spiritual, and imaginal.  As we attend to the silent level movements of your being with awareness of the ways your physical body informs you, we awaken awareness of deeper needs and more options for ways you can respond to attending yourself emotionally, relationally, intellectually, spiritually, and with imagination.

We do this by exploring sensation awareness, breath/sound and movement expression, and offering interested attention to all expressions of feeling flow.

Recognizing the value of ALL THAT YOU ARE is key to transformation.

I look forward to your email or phone call to schedule sessions with me: or 212-206-7542

Book private sessions or a 10-Session series (please refer to details at the bottom of the page):

$150 for 1 hr. session

$200 for 1.5 hr. session

$1375 for a 10 session series (1 hr./session)

Payments: Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted

Checks can be made out to: Moving Body Resources
And mailed to:  112 West 27th Street, Ste. 400, New York, NY 10001

Session Booking Information: Once you have made your purchase for a single or series of private sessions, Mary will contact you via email to begin scheduling with you.

Cancellation policy:  For all sessions there is a minimum of a 24 hour cancellation policy to either reschedule or receive a refund.  All cancellations will incur a 5% cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.