Photo by Jennifer Moloney

Artwork by Mary Abrams

Artist’s Statement

Biomorphic refers to living forms.  Dreamtime points to open reverie where the intangible takes shape in unexpected and timeless ways.  The image on this site are expressions of my biomorphic dreamtime, the dimensions and landscapes I discover exploring breath, sound, sensation, movement, and feeling.  The dreamtime takes form and expression in richly complex shapes and layers symbiotically creating larger forms.  I wonder: Are these rich organic shapes forming dreams I am dreaming of my body? Or are these dreams of my body dreaming me into form?

While each piece is displayed from one perspective, I encourage people to view my work from every angle to see what feels like top and bottom for them, and to appreciate the empty space as a conscious part of the whole.  What emerges from the dreamtime is always coming from what lingers beyond perception in the silence and emptiness of our imaginations.

The creation of each piece is slow and meditative.  Traditionally a right-handed person, I draw only with my left-hand.  Left-handed articulations slow down my thinking-feeling and breathing, clearing paths for new thoughts, unknown visions, and unexpected sensibilities to emerge.  One drawing usually takes several weeks or months to create.  The small black character-like images spontaneously appeared in my first conscious drawing.  I have put them in most pieces since.  When the characters are placed at the end the piece makes a final landing on the paper.

Most dreamtime drawings are in pen & ink, including some in colored pencil and pastel with pen & ink.
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