Photo credits for the slide show: 1,2 Jennifer Moloney; 3 Barbara Schaefer; 4 Blake Horn; 5 J. Moloney

Mary lives each moment in awe of the human experience as an odyssey of embodied spiritual living. Her approach to consciousness will enliven you physically, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and spiritually. Supporting you to learn your way discovering deeper appreciation and more fluid connection with everything about your moving, loving, creative being.

Launching January 2024!
The Odyssey of Embodied Spiritual Learning
A 6-module program Designed & Led by Mary Abrams, MA, RSME

As humans awaken the physical it serves as a gateway to the spiritual.  Without body, spiritual teachings remain conceptual, not yet integrated into the everyday.  The Odyssey of Embodied Spiritual Learning encourages us each and every day to honor the body as a temple: observing it, listening to it, mining it for information and guidance.  As we participate deeply and learn more intensively, we can experience uniting the body to serve the soul’s purpose. (Adapted from The Wild Unknown Alchemy Guidebook, Kim Krans, p. 207.)

Dear Seekers, Learners, Lovers, & Explorers:
I am excited to offer this new 6 module program that has been breathing itself to life in me over the last five years.  It’s TIME!  Time to launch, dive deep, dissolve, discover, and dream into manifestation our body-full soul’s purpose and the world we want to live in.  I sincerely hope you will join me!

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