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Continuum A Moving Inquiry Training Program: Module 1
Values, Principles, and Methods of Practice

Every somatic movement practice encompasses principles and values that guide the methods it embraces.  Principles serve as the fundamental truths and foundation for the practice, while values are what is important within the art of the practice.

In this first module of the training we focus our learning on deepening our understanding through practices of breath, sound, movement, touch, and witnessing along with non-verbal creative expression and verbal dialogue; as they express principles on which Continuum is founded:

Image Credit: MA Somatic Dancing at the University of Central Lancashire


  • Learning through self-inquiry,
  • Attuning to the silent level (non-words) movements of our being,
  • The human body is a fluid organism in resonance with all life on this planet and with the movements of the cosmos; and
  • Movement is what we are.

We will also offer our enduring interested and open attention to the values of:

  • Awakening sensation awareness,
  • Exploring micro and macro movement expression, developing sequences and layering in service of deepening inquiry,
  • Developing more language at the descriptive level of our experience,
  • Slowing down, pausing, and suspending habitual movement, thought, and feeling patterns; and
  • Opening to the emerging unexpected and discovery of new meaning.

By focusing on the principles and values of Continuum, the intention of this first module is to provide a well-grounded experience in the foundations of Continuum to support further modular study and your ongoing development as a teacher/practitioner.

More information is available on this PDF.
2017 Module 1 Berlin Continuum Training

Mary teaches: April 30-May 3, 2020

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Image Credit: MA Somatic Dancing at the University of Central Lancashire

Masters Dance & Somatic Well-being:  Connections to the Living Body
University of Central Lancashire
Preston, England

This is a unique, visionary and pioneering programme offering professional training in Dance & Somatic Movement Education. On the cutting edge of contemporary international practice, exploring the creative skills required to use movement with sensitivity, imagination and individuality, the course focuses on community facilitation. It offers the opportunity to study individual and group improvisation, kinaesthetic awareness and applied somatics philosophy to dance and movement studies. All sessions are taught in the spirit of self-discovery, non-judgement and reflection. The course develops somatic awareness with a focus on spontaneity, intuition and connection to others. The MA Dance & Somatic Well-being course is taught on campus in Preston.

For information on module content, dates, fee structure, and application process, please visit: